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St Peter's Church, Raunds

Below are images of some of the 15th Century Medieval paintings that you can still find in the church.  The paintings are decaying fast and, soon, they will be lost forever!


Click on an area of the image to see a a larger view of that part of the painting. To close the enlarged image, click in the small box at the top right-hand corner of the image.

The story of the three living and the three dead goes back to at least the 13th Century and originated in France. It involves three high ranking men who meet three skeletons. The dead speak to the living men, urging them to repent, saying -  

"Such as I was you are and such as I am you will be.

Wealth, honour and power are of no value at the hour of your death"

Tower Aisle

The enlarged images are enhanced to show the detail and colouring to best effect.